New to OM?

Private and group sessions available:
Rates below reflect anything that is scheduled outside of our weekly
class time offerings.

Private Session per hour for 1 soul-$55
Private Session per hour for 2 souls-$90
Group Hour Party for up to 10 souls- $190
(an additional $10 per person over 10)
Group 90M Party which includes essential oil making- $225

Inclement weather-
Please refer to online schedule for all cancellations.

Recommendations for Class:

  • Please no chewing gum during class.
  • Practice space is located on top of garage.  Please enter through left garage door.
    Address: 304 Frost Hollow Road, Easton, PA 18040
  • Avoid eating heavy snacks/meals within 1-2 hours of practicing.  Try fruits, nuts or yogurt to satiate your hunger prior to practice.
  • Please show up to class 5 minutes early to get your space set up for your practice. Props are available for your use.
  • Please let me know of ANY health issues such as pregnancy, joint or back injuries before
    class begins. NOTE that individuals suffering from medical conditions like high blood pressure and glaucoma should avoid practicing antigravity yoga.  Mothers-to-be should under no circumstances even consider Aerial yoga.
  • Yoga is practiced with bare feet or yoga sox.  Please leave your shoes & personal belongings in cubbies located at the top of the steps.  Eyeglasses should be placed in their case and not on the studio floor as I do not want to step on them.
  • Please turn off cell phones in the studio.
  • Please bring a mat & water.  Mats are NOT needed for willPower&grace.